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    Anonymous asked: I know you live in LA, but from what I understand, you're from the Bay Area, right? I need some help! My boyfriend and I are going to SF for two days in September. We're from Monterey! We're going to drive to SF one morning, hang out there, spend the night there in a hotel, check out, spend the rest of the day in SF, and then drive back that night. So clearly, we're not going to be there that long. Any ideas of what to do? We've been before, so we don't need to do any touristy stuff.


    Hi! This is a cool ask. I grew up mostly in the Bay Area and I spend my breaks from school here in the bay so I’m definitely familiar. Here’s a bulleted list:

    • I know it’s touristy but I always love Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf, plus it’s a quick walk to Ghirardelli Square, and in that general area there are some cool art galleries to visit
    • The Embarcadero is nice, you could visit the Ferry Building or walk along the water either towards the Wharf or the Ballpark (OOH GO SEE A GAME!).
    • If you want to kill a bunch of time in one location, definitely go visit the Exploratorium!
    • In the other direction there’s Market Street and the Union Square area.
    • If you feel like doing a lot of walking, you could actually hit up the Ferry Building, Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach, and Pier 39 in one day and still feel like you fully experienced those places.
    • Or take the MUNI to the other side of the city and go walk around Golden Gate Park!
    • Or take the BART to the Mission district and walk around. Great restaurants, cool shops
    • Also the classic Haight-Ashbury area!
    • If you’re driving, check out the former Sutra Baths and eat at the Cliff House and check out the Giant Camera!

    If you have any more specific questions (or general questions (General Questions!)) feel free to ask, off anon or on anon! I love San Francisco so much; it never gets old for me.

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    The Rolling Stones — Let’s Spend the Night Together - 1967

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    It’s the worst thing when I’m working at the pool and some visitor needs me to do something but they phrase it like “is there a reason the lounge chairs are locked?” or “is there a reason this door is closed?” i mean chill out just say “can you unlock these chairs?” or “can you open this door?” like yeah there’s a reason the door was closed it was to make it harder for you to condescendingly ask me to do shit

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    if you ever want to hear the gospel according to shrek, just open up your bible and read psalm


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Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again


    Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again

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